Feb 11, 2010

A whole lot of photo fun...

An incredibly generous gal allowed me to use an INCREDIBLE space in downtown Nashville this week. If you have been to 3rd aVenue south, you know this three-story venue is enormous. It has beautiful wood floors, awesome ambient light and a really cool, exposed-stone basement.

So, naturally I e-mailed about half a dozen photographers and we put together a fun day of shooting complete with models, kids, designers and assistants. JUST FOR FUN.

Many times we don't get a second chance at shooting. There really isn't a do-over kiss at a wedding or a second shot at a one-year-old blowing out the candles...

Days like this let us have fun and practice and meet other folks in the business and PLAY! What a fabulous group of folks. Scroll down and have fun checking out these great shooters!!!

Bill Vincent } First Dance Pictures | firstdancepictures.posterous.com shooting Sara Rose {Sara Rose Photography | sararosephotography.blogspot.com} working with model Dana Ruckman.

Ryan setting up. Ryan Sweeney Photography | ryansweeneyphotography.com | awwsnapphotobooth.com



What a wonderful day with great talent!!!
The venue: Third aVenue South | 3rdavenuesouth.com <http://3rdavenuesouth.com>
The clients: John Cowan | johncowan.com <http://johncowan.com>
The models: Dana Ruckman, Bonnie Aldcroft, Lindsey Halliburton, Rachel Millar, babies: Kinsley and Colby.

Jocelyn Smith
Jocelyn Smith Photography | jocelynsmithphotography.com

Sara Rose
Sara Rose Photography | sararosephotography.blogspot.com

Eva C. Due
e. chambliss Photography | echamblissphotography.com

Jenna Winstead | jennawinstead.blogspot.com

Kreslyn Ruckman
Kreslyn Faye Photography | kreslynruckman.blogspot.com

Ryan Sweeney
Ryan Sweeney Photography | ryansweeneyphotography.com | awwsnapphotobooth.com

Shea Halliburton
Photography by Shea | byshea.com

Lisette Price
Lisette Price Photography | lisetteprice.com

Bill Vincent
First Dance Pictures | firstdancepictures.posterous.com

Melissa Hoover Bracewell, graphic design
mhb bookarts | etsy.com/shop/mhbbookarts

Brooke Shipley, fashion design



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