Oct 9, 2011

Consult your Mentor

I can not express the value of learning from your peers, the professionals you respect and the talented artists that are willing to pass along their experiences to you.

Rising Waters Entertainment recently featured me as a guest blogger and I dedicated an entire post to the subject (which you can read here).

I get asked questions constantly- really good questions: what lenses to purchase, good places to take clients for photographs, how to calculate quarterly taxes, workflow processes, etc.

And I have asked these same questions. In fact, a couple of years ago, I made the investment with a consultant and her guidance helped me create a plan for my business and a renewed vision for my work.

Your goals and ideas as an artist are exciting and sometimes overwhelming. And getting some perspective and organization to those thoughts are a direct investment into your craft and your business.

Let's grab coffee.

My consultation/mentoring sessions are $100/hour. Bring a list of questions, bring your portfolio and let's keep that momentum going!

sarah@sarahbgilliam.com | 931-797-2628


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