Jul 1, 2014

Dream job

This year will be my 7th year as a freelance photographer. After the birth of our first child, I left my 9-5 dream job as a photojournalist to focus on my new job as a parent.

I really struggled with 'losing' my career when I had our son. I didn't want to lose my identity, my cool job, my.. coolness… It has taken me a while to learn that while I love my job, it is not our main source of income- and while I still need to work, it is not necessary for me to work over-time.. or even full-time at this point. I have had to learn to let the thrill of an overbooked calendar go and let the role of motherhood set the pace for our family. I have never been happier. I think this is making me a better photographer and more importantly, a better mom.

And this year, we welcomed another beautiful child into our family. I find myself refocusing again.. all the while, keeping a camera by my side.

Photographing our children is the highlight of my career. 
Lucky me; I get to do all of my dream jobs. 



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