Dec 6, 2016

Let me teach you my ways

Teaching is my jam, and I have whittled down the high points into a easy to follow, completely hands on course to help you shoot what you love: whether it is your kids, your merch, your fur babies, Icelandic landscapes (however in that case, you should probably bring me along for additional private instruction)...

And now! Bonus phone-ography classes! From someone who pretty much only shoots with her phone.. (follow @sarahb.gilliam on Instagram). Over the last 8 years of iPhone ownership, I have learned some pretty great tips and tricks to keep my "big camera" at home and let the pocket-sized mulit-tasker do the trick.

Teaching resume:
Instructor: SHOOTCamp
Adjunct Faculty: The Art Institute // Tennessee

MTSU: BS Photography

Newspaper industry: 10 years photography/reporting
Freelance: 8 years full-time editorial, fashion, documentary, portraiture, commercial



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